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Why 3 Months Old Baby Doesn’t Sleep My Baby Doesn’t Sleep How to Sleep

Why 3 Months Old Baby Doesn’t Sleep My Baby Doesn’t Sleep How to Sleep

One of the hardest things about raising a baby is dealing with his or her insomnia problem. When the baby does not sleep, it is not possible for his parents to sleep comfortably. Sometimes they spend the morning together and have to go to work without sleep. The problem of insomnia is also common in 3-month-old babies. In fact, to tell you the truth, it is medically normal for your baby to have such sleep problems until the age of 2-3.

How many hours does a 3 month old baby sleep?

The sleep requirement of a 3-month-old baby is around 15 hours a day. He sleeps 4-5 hours during the day. Of course, he does not spend this period without waking up. His sleep during the day is 2-3 pieces. He usually sleeps 9-10 hours at night. Some babies sleep uninterruptedly throughout the night. Some people’s sleep is interrupted occasionally, but this does not happen as often as in previous months.

Causes Insomnia in a 3 Month Old Baby?

Restlessness and insomnia in babies can occur for various reasons. Many factors such as gas pains, colic, the baby’s hunger, the baby’s physical health problem, the temperature of the environment in which the baby sleeps, too much light, and the dirty diaper can cause insomnia in a 3-month-old baby.

Suggestions for Sleeping 3 Month Old Baby

  1. What is done to put a 3-month-old baby to sleep? If you’re wondering, let’s say the first thing you need to do is to deflate. Does it have gas or not, you should be sure about it before going to sleep. Gas pains in a 3-month-old baby can cause interruption of night sleep. Put your baby’s head on your shoulder and gently tap the back to let out gas. In this way, your baby will be relaxed and will fall asleep peacefully. If you put your baby in bed as soon as he is breastfeeding, forget about sleep that night!
  2. Another important issue among the ways to sleep the baby is the lighting of the environment. The baby room should not receive light at night. It is easier for them to sleep in the dark.
  3. In addition to lighting, the baby’s bed also directly affects his sleep. Among the methods of sleeping a baby, choosing a suitable mattress for him comes to the fore. He may not sleep soundly on very soft or hard beds. Wool and fleece blankets can also make your baby sweat and interrupt his sleep.
  4. Humana Good Night Tea relaxes babies and helps them sleep faster. There are also different baby teas that have the same effect. Here, the use of these teas is on the list of baby sleeping techniques. However, it should not be used without consulting a doctor.
  5. Atarax syrup also calms the baby and supports the transition to sleep. You should definitely ask your doctor before using it. If he approves, you can give Atarax syrup to your baby, provided that the dose is very low. You should not use it without telling your doctor.
  6. The pre-sleep bath will be very good for your baby and will contribute to his / her sleeping without difficulty. When your baby’s bedtime approaches, say ‘let’s see, we will do bici bici’ and wash him / her well. Hot water will loosen it up so it won’t take much time to fall asleep.
  7. Baby’s clothes also affect falling asleep. In other words, if the baby is dressed in thick and tight things, he will have difficulty falling asleep.

If the environment is very quiet, it is thought that the baby will sleep more easily. However, babies are exposed to noise while in the mother’s womb. Mother’s organs do not work quietly. Different sounds occur when they do their job. The baby hears these sounds from moment to moment. He listens to your speech and other voices with full attention. So noise has become a part of her life in the womb. Therefore, it is not difficult for them to sleep in a loud environment. Of course, this is not true for every sound; it applies to the sounds they like. For example, babies love the sound of the hair dryer and the washing machine.With these voices, they are thoroughly convinced that they are safe and can fall asleep peacefully. But you can’t run a machine every minute to put your baby to sleep, can you? Don’t worry, there is another solution: open Google and get a whale sound, rain sound, etc. in summer. The results will be useful for you. Such pleasant sounds that progress at a regular frequency will help your baby fall asleep. There are also sounds that calm babies on Youtube. If you find such content from the channels where hair dryer, blow dryer or broom sounds are broadcast with video and listen to your baby, it will be easier to sleep.



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