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Why Do Our Mouth Water When We See A Delicious Food?

Although the world of science has made great progress with each passing day, some of our physical and biological features still remain a mystery. Fortunately, the “Why do we blink our eyes?” And “Why do we yawn?” or “Why do we get watery when we see a delicious meal?” Questions such as have already been answered! 😊 If you are wondering why your mouth is watering when you see a delicious meal, you are in the right place! In fact, we researched this biological feature, which has a very basic function, for you. Here is the information that will allow you to have an idea about the functioning of our body …

Imagine a steaming pizza that just came out of the oven 🤤 You took a big bite from it and put it down with pleasure…


Even his thought was enough to make your mouth water, right? 🥺 So why do we get mouth watering when we see or think about delicious food, have you ever thought? 🤨


Saliva, or saliva as it is popularly known, has many different functions.


However, its most important function is to help us eat, that is, to facilitate this process.

This liquid, which makes our donuts slippery, makes it easier for us to chew, and at the same time allows us to taste, contains various enzymes that will initiate the digestive process.

our mouth becomes watery

In this way, the digestive process begins when the meals are still in our mouth.

There are two types of saliva: mucous and serous.

our mouth becomes watery

Mucous saliva, as its name suggests, has a mucous membrane, that is, a slimy texture. It contains plenty of mucus, so a viscous and sticky structure is formed. Serous saliva consists almost entirely of water.

So serous saliva is a type of saliva produced when our mouth is watered.

our mouth becomes watery

Our bodies produce serous saliva, a kind of “I have to eat this food!” is the signal. In this way, our body produces serous saliva and prepares to facilitate our eating process.

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