Why does muscle rupture? What are the symptoms of muscle rupture? Is there a cure for muscle rupture?

Do you know how the muscle tearing that athletes usually experience? We searched for those who are curious about muscle rupture, which is a serious health system. So what causes muscle rupture? What are the symptoms of muscle rupture? Is there a cure for muscle rupture? In the details of the news, you can find everything about the muscular system and tearing.

Muscle, which is the basis of the movement system, works in two ways. While some work with the nervous system, some work automatically. At the same time, there are three types of muscle throughout the body. It is striped, straight and heart muscle. Smooth muscles are automatic; intestine, stomach, artery and vein. The muscles here move automatically according to the body’s system. The heart muscle, like the knee muscles, occurs out of control. However, striped muscles are strengthened with phosphate material. It acts with the nervous system and commands. Movements of the body such as hands, arms, legs, fingers, feet, neck and waist are performed with these muscles. The probability of damage to these muscles is 100 percent due to these constantly moving parts. Therefore, muscle tears can occur, especially in people who do body movements. Striped muscles with a fibrous structure surround our entire body, from the brain to the toes. Health problems such as bruising or tearing may occur with excessive strain. Muscles with a multi-channel structure will recover immediately even if they experience these health problems. But for this it needs additional calcium and phosphate substances.



It is commonly known as muscle pulling among the people. Usually athletes; Those who engage in volleyball, basketball, swimming, tennis, handball and weightlifting live. However, other than that, it is a health problem that can be experienced by people working in heavy lifting. The basic condition in muscle rupture arises when the muscles are suddenly moved or under load without getting enough heat. Because cold muscle takes more damage than hot muscle. Therefore, experts do not recommend starting sports without a warm-up movement. First, the muscle experiences a slight strain. This causes damage. Then the fibers get damaged as they are forced. Finally, the muscle is completely ruptured.



– Pain and pain are experienced during motor movements.

– Swelling occurs due to the deterioration in muscle integrity.

– Frequent cramping.

– Space between textures

– It manifests itself with symptoms such as slowness and pain in movements.



It is useful to apply to a specialist immediately after the symptoms experienced. Especially in cases such as bruising and swelling, intervention should not be done at home. In muscle rupture, which is a long treatment process, calcium and phosphorus intake should be increased. The damaged muscle area should always be kept warm and immobile. It improves with medication and physical therapy. However, like any disease, it can cause serious damage when it is intervened late. So early intervention is a must.

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