Why does the belly button hurt, what is the symptom?

Causes of umbilical pain is sometimes a symptom of an ailment and sometimes a good news. Is the belly button pain indication of pregnancy

Before neglecting the pain by saying , it is necessary to get support from the health institution to diagnose the exact causes of pain.

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  • Why Does Belly Hole Pain Happen?
  • Belly Button Pain with Pregnancy
  • How Does Navel Hole Pain Pass?
  • What Ailments Are The Belly Button Pain?
  • Why Does The Belly Hole Hurt During Pregnancy?
  • How Does The Belly Hole Pain Pass Through During Pregnancy?

Why Does Belly Hole Pain Happen?

The cause of umbilical pain are mostly infectious diseases. Urinary infection also causes pain in the navel. In addition, stomach infection is one of the main causes of umbilical pain. Pain when pressing around the navel

If occurs, it may be due to appendicitis. But to be sure that you have appendicitis, it is necessary to look at other symptoms.

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Belly Button Pain with Pregnancy

Umbilical pain and pain are frequently experienced during pregnancy. The reason for this is again infectious diseases or appendicitis or different causes of pregnancy belly button pain leads. Pain in the belly button during pregnancy may be a sign of abdominal hernia. Apart from this, pain may occur because the growth of the baby puts pressure on the belly button.

How Does Navel Hole Pain Pass?

How does the belly button pain pass during pregnancy

One of the most important answers to the question is hot compost. Putting the hot water bottle in the belly is a simple treatment that will relieve pain. If the pain is very severe, it is necessary to see a doctor. It is useful to use painkillers on the advice of the doctor.

Umbilical Pain Pain Which Ailments Are Notified?

Pain when touching the belly button, complaints such as pain or stinging around it may be considered as a sign of pregnancy, and it may warn you about a number of ailments! For a few days pain in the belly button medical support should be sought to diagnose whether or not the following diseases are experienced.

  • Urinary Tract Infection,
  • Appendicitis Inflammation,
  • Stomach Infections,
  • Gas Bloating,
  • Umbilical Hernia,
  • Pancreatic Disorders,
  • Small Bowel Disorders,
  • ulcer,
  • Gallbladder Stone,
  • Crohn’s Disease,
  • Constipation
  • Side effects of stomach medications used

If you are not pregnant, it is known as the disorders indicated by the pain in the belly button. For the correct diagnosis, the General Surgery specialist should be examined to learn what the discomfort is and start the treatment process without wasting time.


Why Does The Belly Hole Hurt During Pregnancy?

Umbilical cord pain, which is common in the 20th week of gestation, is caused by physiological changes due to pregnancy.

  • The growth of the uterus,
  • Separation in the muscles

Causes of belly button pain observed during pregnancy.

How Does The Belly Hole Pain Pass Through During Pregnancy?

Umbilical pain caused by physiological changes during pregnancy is relieved with a few simple applications. How does belly button pain pass methods you can apply at home in response to the question;

  • Hot water bag to the painful area,
  • Iron-heated cloth or towel

You can relieve pain with the application. Depending on the severity of the pain, when you need to use painkillers, you can get rid of the pain in the belly button by using your pain medications that will not harm your baby. You can browse if you wish.

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