Why Does White Spots Occur On The Lip, How Does It Pass, Which Doctor Should Go To?

Lips are one of the most important and striking parts of the face. However, some defects such as white spots and white spots on the lips that occur for various reasons can lead to a lack of self-confidence and even depression. These white spots can be caused by a number of reasons.

Causes and treatment of white spots and blisters on the lips

Fordyce disease

Fordyce spots (ectopic sebaceous glands) are benign blisters, lumpy, usually white in color around the lips. It occurs with blockages in the sebaceous glands in the skin and is not associated with any complications.
Treatment: Fordyce spots can be removed with laser treatment.

Lip cancer

Persistent white spots and blisters on the lips are usually a sign of malignant tumors and cancer that causes skin changes such as ulceration, bleeding and infection under the skin. Skin biopsy is the most effective method for confirming neoplastic changes resulting from chronic infections and changes in DNA structure caused by exposure to environmental factors.
Treatment: Depending on the condition of the gland, surgery or radiation therapy is the first method used in most cancer cases.


Cold sores are skin blisters that can sometimes be painful, caused by the herpes virus and are highly contagious. These fluid-filled and white bubbles disappear spontaneously or as a result of treatment. However, they can remain asleep in the body and reappear in suitable environments.
Treatment: Cold sores are relieved by the use of herpes medications. Do not touch the area with cold sores and pay attention to your personal hygiene and diet so that it does not recur.


Too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays can also cause white spots on the lips. Sunburns that cause lip damage often damage the glands, causing the appearance of white spots on the lips, peeling and swelling. If you have sensitive lips, avoid exposure to too much sunlight.
Treatment: Gels containing Vitamin E prevent moisture loss in the lips. Drinking plenty of water also speeds up tissue repair.

Contact allergy

Some people are allergic to cosmetic products such as lip gloss and lipstick. Products that contain materials that can cause infections such as mica and titanium create a lumpy appearance by causing peeling and burning on the lips. Also, substances such as cat hair and pollen can cause contact allergies.
Treatment: Avoid products that can cause allergies on the skin and lips. For severe and intense infections, treatments containing steroids and antihistamines can calm the allergic reaction.

Bacterial infections

Bacterial infections are common in people who do not pay attention to hygiene, such as sharing common skin care products. Bacterial infections usually cause symptoms such as burning, inflammation and pain on the lips and usually resolve spontaneously.
Treatment: Moisturizing lips is one of the most effective treatments. In addition, antibacterial ointments and pain relievers provide symptom relief.

Other causes and treatment of white spots on the lips

  1. Lichen planus
  2. Vitiligo
  3. Pigment disorder
  4. Hypertrophy of the glands on the lip
  5. Fat glands on the lips

When you notice a white spot on your lips, the first thing you should do should be to consult a dermatologist. The doctor will apply the necessary treatment according to the reason.

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