Why gain weight after getting married? Diet that protects form in marriage

It is seen that couples gain weight more easily and quickly than before, in the marriage where perhaps the most special and valuable time of your life was laid. Weight gain in the first years of marriage has also been proven by research. So, what should be done to achieve weight control in marriage? What are the reasons for gaining weight after getting married? Healthy diet list to maintain form in marriage. . .

When we look at the newly married couples today, the first thing that catches our eye is the weight that the couples gained noticeably in the near future. Although these weight gained in the first years of marriage become difficult to lose later, it is not impossible. In the researches on this subject, it has been determined that newly married couples gain 2-4 kilos in the first three years. The main reason why married people are prone to weight gain is regular diet. In addition, couples who are in a constant rush for wedding preparations before marriage finally feel a great relief after they get rid of the stress and stress on them. With this relaxation, couples may miss out on eating unknowingly because they will be happier and more enjoyable in psychological terms. So what are the changes in hormones after getting married? What can be done not to gain weight after marriage? Healthy slimming diet list. . .


The main reason for losing weight in the first years of couples who decided to join their lives is the regular diet. Couples who are healthy and balanced when they are single or according to their student years become available to gain weight after marriage. Although there is no scientific reason for this issue, psychological conditions may be considered as the second factor among the causes of weight gain in marriage.


While women are trying to preserve their forms in order to look better to the opposite sex before marriage, they may not care much about this situation after marriage. This situation can occur not only in women but also in some of the men. As a result, weight gain is beginning to be seen on both sides. Also, fresh brides with a flower in their nose may not know exactly how to cook if they do not enter the kitchen when they are single.

People who are in the process of getting used to cooking in marriage can laugh and order fast food-style foods from the outside. These foods, which are not certain what is inside and have high calories, can trigger weight gain in a short time.



Pastry, which has to be avoided while being married as well as when single, sweets with sherbet and heavy evening meals unfortunately causes weight gain in a short time. We should try not to prefer foods such as ready-made biscuits, chips, and chocolate, which we describe as junk food.

Maintaining the current weight is more difficult than losing weight. Because, during the diet, little food is consumed, the body stores the food for caution. This slows down the metabolism and the body cannot burn enough calories after the diet. The proposed shock diets for slimming melt water and muscle, not fat from the body. Therefore, the weight lost is quickly recovered and the person’s health is permanently affected.


In order to preserve the given weight, each diet should be eaten healthy and exercise should be done. When you reach your desired weight, the healthy diet should be maintained. Walking should be done regularly every day and at least 8 glasses of water should be drunk.




Breakfast: A slice of bran bread, a slice of feta cheese, lots of tomatoes, cucumbers
Noon: 100 grams of lean meaty salad, a bowl of light yogurt, a bowl of soup
Evening: 7 tablespoons of meatless vegetable food, salad, a thin slice of bran bread, a bowl of light yogurt, salad


Breakfast: Toast, whole tomato and cucumber, 5 olives, pepper
Noon: 6 tablespoons of effective varieties, lots of lean salads, a thin slice of bran bread
Evening: One slice of wholemeal bread, one bowl of light yogurt, 7 tablespoons of meatless green beans, lots of lean salad


Breakfast: 2 thin slices of bran bread, a slice of feta cheese, plenty of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and five olives
Lunch: One slice of bran bread, 6 tablespoons of vegetable dish
Evening: Lean salad, light yogurt, 7 tablespoons of meatless pumpkin food, a thin slice of bran bread


Breakfast: 1 thin slice of bran bread, dol tomato, cucumber, pepper, boiled egg
Lunch: 1 sandwich, a glass of buttermilk
Evening: 1 thin slice of bran bread, a bowl of light yogurt, 7 tablespoons of meatless, lean salad

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Any of the above list can be repeated for .

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