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Why is Leopold Maneuver and How Many Months?

Why is Leopold Maneuver and How Many Months?

Leopold Maneuvers are the method used to determine the status of the baby in the womb, the position of the baby in the womb, the general state and the condition of the organs in pregnant women. Leopold maneuvers are usually made by the doctor by placing two doctors on the abdomen of the pregnant woman, to obtain information about the general state of the fetus.

What is Leopold Maneuver When is Leopold Maneuver Performed?

Leopold maneuver; is a special examination method used to determine the location of the baby in the womb during pregnancy. With this method, the position of the back, leg and head of the baby is easily determined. The most important feature of this method; the condition of pregnancy and the baby’s health after the 5th month of pregnancy. If the pregnancy is close to the end, the shape of the pelvis in the mother’s body is determined by this method. In addition, the measurement of the abdomen and the ultrasound method help to obtain important and sensitive information. Although more ultrasound is used by today’s technology, the method of Leopold maneuvers is still of great importance. With this method, a map of the abdomen can be extracted.

Preparation Process for Leopold Maneuvers

  1. First, the mother needs to do the toilet, ie empty the bladder.
  2. After that, the mother takes the position of hospitalization. So back and knees are shrunk. A small cushion is placed under the head.
  3. The control zone opens properly to protect privacy.
  4. The procedure is transferred to the patient by the doctor.
  5. During this process, it is important that the mother’s hands are at body temperature. Otherwise, convulsions occur in the uterus.
  6. Palms are used for inspection and inspection. (Finger is not used.)

Step-by-Step Leopold Maneuvers

Leopold’s maneuver was used to determine the status and location of the baby in the womb. This maneuver consists of 4 steps. These steps are:

Bu adımda rahimde fundusun fetal kısmı ve fundus yüksekliği belirlenir. Leopold 1: In this step the fetal part of the fundus and fundus height in the uterus are determined. In this way, the duration of pregnancy is determined.

Bu adımda anne karnındaki fetüsün pozisyonu ve sırt yönü belirlenir. Leopold 2: In this step, the position and back direction of the fetus in the mother’s womb is determined. (The direction of the back direction is determined because the baby’s heart sounds the best back.

Bu adımda fetüsün prezente olan bölümleri(makat ve baş) görülür. Leopold 3: In this step the parts of the fetus are presented (breech and head).

Bu adımda bebekte prezente olan bölümün pelvis boşluğuna inip inmediğini gösterir. Leopold 4: This step shows whether the portion presented in the baby has gone down to the pelvic cavity. It is a sign that birth starts when the portion of the section comes down.

1.Leopold Maneuver:

  1. In this maneuver it is understood that the baby in the womb is down or upright in the womb.
  2. The expectant mother is brought to the hospitalization position and her legs are bending.
  3. The doctor passing the position against the mother; It combines the fingertips of the two hands and puts the part of the hand on the baby.
  4. The baby is then moved with the fingertips. This means that the week of pregnancy is understood.
  5. The baby’s head is felt. The head is hard, moving, smooth and spherical. The lower part of the baby, ie the breech section, is round, soft, motionless and irregular. At the same time, the pregnancy month is determined due to the height of the uterus settlement area.

2.Leopold Maneuver:

  1. In this step the baby’s back position is determined.
  2. The doctor passing the position against the mother; The palms of the two hands are placed on the right and left sides of the uterus on the abdomen.
  3. The finger tips are then played to determine the direction of the baby’s back.
  4. In this process, the region of the ridge is flat; legs and arms are felt indented.
  5. The aim of this maneuver is to determine the position of the baby’s back and to rest the heart sound accordingly.

3.Leopold Maneuver:

  1. In this maneuver, the closeness of the baby’s front part to the pelvis, in other words, is determined.
  2. The doctor who has taken the opposite position of the mother; puts the thumb of one hand on one side and the other fingers on the baby on the other side.
  3. In this position, the fingers are moved small and slightly shifted. In this way, the part of the baby’s hand is determined.
  4. If the hand felt is smooth, hard and sphere is this head; if it is soft and shapeless, it is a sign of breech.

4.Leopold Maneuver:

  1. This maneuver allows the baby to enter the pelvis in the last 3 months of pregnancy. The purpose of this is to determine whether the pregnancy is approaching.
  2. The doctor who passed the mother’s bedside; she places the two hands on the pelvis of the expectant mother and exerts light pressure. The purpose of this is to determine the closeness of the baby to the pelvis with the fingertips.
  3. If during this maneuver the fingertips of both hands touch each other and the baby’s head can be moved left and right, it is understood that the baby is not placed in the pelvis. If the fingers are moved in unified position (this is called the head fixation), it is understood that the baby is not placed in the pelvis. If the baby’s head cannot be moved in this position, it is understood that the baby has entered the pelvis.


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