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Why Kanar? My Ear Wing, In Ear, Hemorrhage

Why Kanar? My Ear Wing, In Ear, Hemorrhage

Ear hemorrhage is a health problem that can occur from many reasons such as ear perforation to brain hemorrhage, ear canal cancer. The causes and treatment of blood flow from the ear;

Perforation of the tympanic membrane

Perforation of the eardrum is the most common cause of blood flow from the ear. Various reasons such as exposure to very loud sound, infection in the body, foreign body escape to the ear, sudden changes in air pressure can lead to ear perforation. With the arrival of blood from the eardrum, a variety of symptoms may be accompanied by pain in the ear, yellow inflammation of the ears.

Ear inflammation

Inflammation of the ear, otitis media, or mastoid bone inflammation in the ear, infection in these regions can also cause blood from the ear. Inflammation of the outer ear usually occurs in frequent swimming areas, in very frequent shower areas, while middle ear inflammation occurs when the area behind the eardrum is exposed to bacteria or viruses. Ear inflammation can be treated with antibiotics.

Ear polish

The polyp in the ear is also one of the factors that cause bleeding in the ear. The ear pole is a growth in the form of meat that occurs in the skin of the outer ear canal or eardrum. It is usually seen in people who often have ear infections. It may need surgery.

Skull Breaking

A fracture in the base of the skull may also cause bleeding in the ear. . It is a rare condition and usually occurs with a severe blow to the head.

Other causes of blood flow from the ear

  1. Ear canal or middle ear cancer
  2. Fungal infections, skin infection such as eczema in ear canal
  3. Middle ear cyst (cholesteatoma)
  4. Brain trauma
  5. Explosion of an acne in the external ear
  6. Insect Bites
  7. Hemorrhagic fever
  8. Foreign body escaping
  9. Trauma to the ear canal or to the middle ear, eg a hard slap
  10. Very loud sound exposure
  11. cholesteatoma

Symptoms with ear bleeding

  1. Earache
  2. Feeling of dizziness
  3. Hearing loss
  4. Headache
  5. Living balance problems
  6. Tinnitus

How is the ear coming out of the ear?

  1. If your ear is bleeding, the first thing you should do is to use cotton to stop the blood from the ear, or if the location of the bleeding cannot be determined, the ear can be covered with a gauze and the patient’s head must be laid on the bleeding ear side.
  2. If you suffer from ear bleeding, you should consult an Ear Nose Throat doctor. The doctor will provide you with the necessary treatment after you have made various investigations and identified the cause.
  3. If the ear is caused by infection, the antibiotic will prescribe antifungal medication if it is of fungal origin.
  4. If the eardrum is the hole of the eardrum, the hole may spontaneously close itself or the hole may need to be closed by surgery.
  5. If there is a foreign body in the ear due to ear bleeding, the ear doctor will remove this object.
  6. Garlic is the natural solution to treat infections in the ear because it has antibacterial, antibiotic properties. Cut the garlic into slices and heat in olive oil and strain on the strainer. Then, consult your doctor and drop a few drops of this oil in your ear.

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