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Why the hand and toenail fall?

Why the hand and toenail fall?

The nail removal, also known as nail drop, is caused by injury or injury to the nail due to various reasons.
Fungal infections of the nails are the most common nail problems and may cause nail fall. The medical name of this condition is onychoptosis.

The frequent use of nail care products such as psoriasis, nail polish, chemotherapy treatment and various infections can also cause nail fall.

The process of nail removal usually takes the form of nail, darkening and falling of the nail, and takes some time.

Question; I got hit on my foot or my nail was damaged by the shoe. What do I do, how long does it take for the nail to reappear?
If the nail drops spontaneously, the new nail is removed in about six months depending on the normal nail elongation process. If you do not fall and you are in the raised position , you can consult the surgery.

Why does the nail fall?

Fungal Infection

The medical name of the yeast infection that affects the toenails is onychomycosis and may lead to a lowering of the toenail in advanced cases. It is highly contagious. This infection can infect a single toenail or most of it. The fungal infection attacks before the nail tips and then the nail bottoms and the last nail underneath. In the infected nail, painful sensation and swelling may be seen, then the color goes out of the nail and becomes yellow, brown or pale white. Gradually thicken and spread the bad smell. When infection is severe, nail fall may occur.


Inaccurate shoe selection, falling, accidentally hitting the finger with a hammer can cause injury to hand and toenails. The damaged nail can become infected and fall over time.

Symptoms of removal of the nail

The nails usually fall due to infection, or the pulse taken from the nail leads to injury.
Symptoms of nail removal due to injury

  1. pain
  2. Blood collection under the nail
  3. Color change in nail
  4. Bleeding
  5. Loosening of the nail slot

Symptoms of falling nails caused by infection

  • Thickening of nails
  • Brown, green or yellow color discharge from the nail
  • Swelling
  • Redness in tissue
  • Bad smell

How is a nail drop treated?

Tea tree oil

Fungal infection can be seen under the nail and cause nail fall. Tea tree oil with antiseptic properties, fungus and bacteria to fight. Research conducted at the Royal Prince Alfred hospital in 2002 showed that tea tree oil was effective in getting rid of infection. Apply organic tea tree oil to the affected area twice a day for at least two weeks. You can order organic tea tree oil online.

Biotin Pill

Biotin is a very effective vitamin in the treatment of nails problems. F.Hoffmann-LaRoche AG, Basel in 1990 by women who take biotin 2.5 mg per day for more than 6-9 months, according to the results of biotine biotine breakage, fall, injury has been found to be effective in treating such problems.

Apple Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic substance. If your toenail falling into apple cider vinegar at room temperature for 15 minutes, dip your hands and your hands while nails, then dry them. Continue this procedure every day.

Benzalkonium chloride

Benzalkonium chloride is an excellent antiseptic that allows you to control the fungal infection. It does not allow the spread of infection, it helps to prevent worsening of the condition. Apply once or twice a day to get the best results.

Note: Be sure to consult your doctor before applying the methods


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