Wondering about Silk eyelashes from A to Z

Although there are many information about the subject, most people aim to reach the most correct information due to the confusion. Ergül Keskin, Founder of Contour Make up Studio, Contour Makeup Trainer, answers the most curious questions such as how the silk eyelash process is, how the procedure is applied, and what to consider before and after.


1- What is silk lash

Silk lash is a method applied on real lashes. Eyelashes obtained from pure silk are glued individually in accordance with the structure of the eyes. Eyelashes prepared according to the needs and expectations of the person prevent short or sparse appearance. The resulting result varies depending on the current eyelash density of the person. Silk lashes of different shapes and sizes can be used to achieve the desired volume.


2- Why should eyelash application be applied by professional persons

Silk eyelash application must be applied by professional people. Because eyes and eyelids are more sensitive than other parts of the skin and can have negative results when applied by unskilled people. From applied eyelash material to adhesive
should be in compliance with health standards, places where the application will be performed should be completely sterilized. If these criteria are met, silk eyelash application can be started.


3- How to apply silk lashes

First, the size and shape of the eyelashes, which will suit the person’s face the most, are determined. At this point, it is best to make a decision considering the person’s eyelid, eye shape and wishes. A tape is then attached to the lower lashes to protect it from the adhesive to be applied. From this transaction
then the eyelashes are combed and eyelash insertion process is started in order to separate the upper eyelashes one by one. Several types of eyelashes of different lengths are used. The shorter lashes are placed inside the eyelid, while the longer lashes are applied to the outside. During the process, each eyelash is adhered one by one by means of medical adhesives. After the procedure, which takes approximately 1.5 – 2 hours, the person gets the desired lashes.


4- Does silk lash apply to everyone

Silk eyelash application;

– People with lashes,

– People with sparse lashes,

– People who love the intense lash look,

– Persons looking down lashes as a structure,

– People who are allergic to cosmetic products,

– It can be safely preferred by people who want to look well maintained at all times.


5- Does silk eyelashes harm natural lashes

Silk eyelashes are obtained from materials that are obtained from pure silk and that give the closest look to nature. Due to its natural content, it does not harm the individual lashes. However, the adhesives used during application are as important as the silk eyelashes used. If quality and medical adhesives are used, this is not a problem for natural lashes.


6- What should be considered before and after applying silk eyelashes

Silk eyelash application should be done on the day, without eye makeup. Also, if the person is using the lens, they must remove the lens before applying. After the application;

– The person should not rub their eyes,

– Avoid contact with water for 24 hours,

– Mascara should not be applied for 2 days,

– Eyelash curling apparatus should not be used for a while,

– Eyelashes should be protected from moisture and heat, especially in the first 48 hours,

– You should not go to sauna, solarium in the first week,

– Instead of lying face down, lie on your back or on the side.

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