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Words each of which is a teaching

Today, Google, one of the prominent actors who dominate the digital world, offers true or false answers to millions of unknowns and satisfies our curiosity in many subjects. However, interesting answers can emerge when the subjects are asked to Google and searched through the search engine. For example, in recent searches, “Rumi words” were searched very seriously. Perhaps this topic, which is planned to be shared on Facebook and Instagram or other social media accounts, or searched for any research for different reasons, has obviously been a remarkable topic.

Those who want to read all kinds of nice words, whether they belong to Mevlana or not, can also read the article titled “Beautiful Words: The Most Beautiful Words to Adapt to Every Occasion”.

So, by which keywords are the words from the works of Mevlana mostly searched? Along with the answer to this question, we wanted to list some sayings and words that were asked so much to the search engine and belong to or attributed to Rumi in this article.

Does a long distance bring rapid disconnection? If it happened according to Mevlana, the distance is a story


“They said: What is out of sight is also out of heart.

I said: What happens if anyone is out of sight? ”

“O soul, bring your mind to your head.

You run away from death; You are actually afraid of yourself. “

Mevlana’s aphorisms are also known for their lectures.


“If what you say will not be all. You say I don’t fall, you fall, you say I’m not surprised, you are surprised Rumi says, “I died, you still live …”, see what other sayings have survived:

“Life is a breath, as much as you take … Life is a cage, as much as you stay … Life is a whim, as much as you dive …”

“Yesterday I was smart, I wanted to change the world;
Today I am wise, I changed myself. “

“The heart is the sea, and the language is the shore. Everything in the sea hits the shore. ”

“Oh! Darling. While we were two lovers of a bunch of grapes with you, we became wine in other bottles, we were ruined in other dreams. ”

Words of Mawlana

“In mercy be like the sun; be like a stream in generosity; be like earth in humility; be like night in covering the flaws and flaws. “

“You are a guest in this house, my heart, laugh with what you find, not what you hoped for, whatever the owner says, neither reproach anyone, nor sadden.”

“Love is to be granted, not calculated! Love is a candidate, not a quest! If you are devoted and you are burned, then love will come to find you. “

“Snake bites will only hurt you. But an evil friend comes from both heart and faith! ”

“My mind repents every day. My soul breaks my repentance at any moment. I’ll be out of the way. Good thing you have a door. “

“Come let’s know each other’s fates. Because we will suddenly be separated from each other. ”

“My silence is from my dignity. I have an answer to every word, but I will look at a word to see if it is, and I will see if it is a man …

“Don’t be afraid and insolent”

Words of Mawlana

If a person is far from the original

He searches and stops the day he will meet again

Body is not separate from soul, soul is not separate from body

Nobody has been given a sight to see

Body is not separate from soul, soul is not separate from body

Nobody has been given a sight to see

Someone had a donkey, there was no palan

He found the plan; wolf snatched

Someone had jugs, couldn’t find water

He found the water, but his jug was broken.

Whatever comes to you comes from the darkness, the scale

Again, it comes from fearlessness and arrogance …

Is secret the measure of value?

Words of Mevlana

Lover’s illness is separate from other illnesses

Love is the master of God’s secrets

If gold and silver were not a secret

Would smart people cherish him?

Even if the wall shakes the long shadow

That shadow turns back to its original ”

It is said that Mevlana advised not to be angry in his Mesnevi.


“Anger and lust squint you.”

Deflects the soul from the right way

Wooden sword in a sheath becomes valuable

Is it sheathed, will be a tool to burn

Whoever puts an unpleasant custom

Hate him every hour

From the sea goes to the sea

It goes where it came from

Where there is streams, there is greenery

Wherever there are tears, there is mercy

If you will put your trust, work, effort, endure Jabbar God.

A fool’s apology is worse than his crime

Ignorant apology becomes poison that kills knowledge

When the accident comes, the information falls asleep

The moon turns dark, the sun is eclipsed

The unbearable fire

A wind blows out

Respectful, respected

He eats almond halva that brings sugar.

If grimacing was counted thank God

It wouldn’t come out of vinegar out of good gratitude.

Do you sow wheat and reap barley?

Did you see him give birth to sipa?

If a word suddenly comes out of the mouth,

It is the arrow that shoots from the bow; understand this well. ”

And the question forms that are asked to Google about Mevlana’s words

Words of Mevlana

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Words of Mawlana

Known and presented as the epitome of tolerance attributed to Rumi “Come whoever you are, come again …” The rubai in which the strings are found is not actually from Rumi.

Regarding Rubai; “… Come, come, whatever you are, come again, whether you are an unbeliever or a pagan, even if you worship fire … Our lodge is not a place of despair, it is translated as ‘come again if you have broken your repentance a hundred times’ but ‘bâzâ’ The meaning changes completely if we take the concept of “just for nothing” as “repent”; ‘Repent, repent whoever you are; Repent, whether you are an unbeliever or an idolatrous, if you worship fire … Our lodge is not a place of despair, it becomes ‘repent if you break your repentance’. That is, the poet does not say ‘Come, come and bring your idol with you if you wish, let us worship together’, but ‘Repent, come like that’!Saying Murat Bardakcithe owner of the rubain in question Abu Said Abu’l-hayr He explained that it was.

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