World famous stars’ secrets of staying fit and beautiful


The stars you think are so lucky to have such a body, spend years to achieve that size and stick to dietary programs for a lifetime. If you want to look both fit and beautiful, you can benefit from the nutrition secrets of celebrities.


BEYONCE: It does not defeat foods rich in protein and acidic ratio such as lemon, wasabi from the nutrition program. Beyonce, who generally consumes vegetables, never neglects to consume fish. The main reason why the famous singer’s body is fit and tight is the exercises he does. Jumping and jumping for fitness, pedalo and endurance keeps him in the form we all admire.


JENNA DEWAN: Jenna Dewan is famous for her vegan diet and eating healthy foods. . . Dewan does not stop consuming smoothies for breakfast, salads, quinoa and vegetables that are indispensable for lunch and dinner.


JENNIFER ANISTON: Hollywood Star Aniston does not miss the protein smoothie drink from breakfast tables, sometimes egg white and sometimes oats. Vegetables, fruits, chicken and seafood are among the biggest factors that helped Aniston keep his form.

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