Wrinkles around the eyes will cause you to lie down. . .


Our eyes are perhaps one of our most remarkable areas on our face. Over time, our eyes begin to wrinkle for various reasons and wrinkles occurring in such an eye area try to be closed with various makeup materials. But although it is attempted to be closed, it gets worse. Because the skin around the eyes has the thinnest skin. For this reason, applied makeup materials wear out the area more. So what should we do? Causes wrinkles around the eyes? Isn’t there a way to prevent these wrinkles? We searched for the answers to all your curious questions.

SO MUCH REASONS FOR Wrinkles Occurring Around EYE

First, let’s take a look at the factors around our eyes that wrinkle. Our eyes have a fairly thin skin. Since it has a moving structure, it is very prone to sagging and wrinkling. In time, the thin lines called crow feet around us can come out due to aging as well as due to various factors. These; Failure to protect the eyes and the eyes around the sun, genetic predisposition, squinting, sleep disturbance, rubbing the eyes, making too much facial expressions, lying down, allergic reactions, etc.


There are many ways to prevent wrinkles around the eyes. The first is to protect the eyes and the environment from harmful rays of the sun, in summer and winter. For this, you can choose sunglasses with UV filter, which completely covers the eyes and around the eyes.

You can choose new generation glasses and contact lenses that adapt to light, increase color contrast and reduce eye reduction.

Of course, one of the most important points that should never be forgotten is to drink plenty of water. Keep your skin moist by drinking water. This will not only help you prevent wrinkles but also make you have healthier and more vibrant looking skin.

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