You can lose 10 kilos in two months

As the summer season approaches, people’s desire to diet also increases. Especially in these periods, while new diet types are emerging, people can turn to such diets in order to lose weight. However, experts warn that these unconscious diets can bring health problems.


MWT. Tuğbanur Şaşmaz said one of the most important factors to lose weight is to surprise the body and make healthy nutrition a lifestyle. Şaşmaz stated that ketogenic diets are in fashion recently, “This type of diets can lose weight at first, but health problems may arise and blockage in the future. It is better to continue with a controlled specialist to lose weight again. It should not be done unconsciously and at home on its own. It cannot be slimmed with protein or just vegetables. A uniform diet will not work. This will block the body, slow down metabolism and make it difficult to lose weight. It is necessary to surprise the body and change to a new type of nutrition after a while. “ he said.


Losing weight by breaking the order of the body

Pointing out that a healthy person can lose 10 kilos in two months, Şaşmaz said:

“For this, we have to put sports in our lives for 2-3 days. Sports helps to speed up the circulation and help to lose weight and tighten. No need to do very heavy sports. Light brisk walks will exceed 30 minutes. Also, it is enough for the person to change the classical diet and change the body’s diet. We can lose weight by even changing the fruits we eat. We need diets that we will not be hungry so that we can lose 10 kilos in this period. It is also very important to reduce the portions during this period. “

Stating that the subject of snacks varies from person to person, Şaşmaz stated that they recommend this for those who make evasion during the day.


Internet diets end up frustrated

Stating that people have recently turned to diets, popular products and products such as slimming teas released on the Internet recently, “But these always result in frustration. Unconscious diets are cooling the person from the diet. Even if it works in the short term, it cannot be done in the long term and much more of the weight given is taken back. Our belief in ourselves is destroyed by these diets. There is a lot of information pollution on the Internet and people It leads to wrong choices. Do not respect Internet diets. It is very important to make healthy eating a lifestyle. “ said.

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