You will chain your urge to eat all the time! Here are 5 golden suggestions that balance appetite in diet

When you start to feel hungry while on a diet, drink two glasses of warm water at room temperature.

The most important problem that can be experienced in difficult diet processes is not being able to balance the appetite. If your willpower weakens after a certain period of time while dieting, we will talk about a few methods that will balance your appetite and give you a feeling of satiety. Thanks to these simple but effective methods, you will get up from the table much lighter and you will chain your desire to eat while you are on a diet. Here are 5 golden suggestions from Dietitian Seden Günkaya that will suppress your hunger while on a diet:


When you wake up in the morning, add a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar to a glass of warm water. With the effect of acetic acid in apple cider vinegar, it balances your blood sugar level and gives a feeling of satiety. You can consume apple cider vinegar by adding it to a glass of water, especially 1-2 hours before eating.


When you start to feel hungry, drink two glasses of warm water at room temperature. Drinking water before meals reduces appetite and gives a feeling of satiety. Drinking water after meals helps food break down more easily in the digestive system. It also prevents the problem of water constipation.


When dieting, sweet cravings are high. To eliminate this, you can prefer fruit and dried fruit portions instead of foods containing cho, refined sugar. If you want dessert, you should consume fruits and dried fruits. Since fruits are high in fiber, they reduce appetite and suppress sweet cravings. Consumption of refined sugar instead of choosing fruit portions disrupts the blood sugar balance and causes an increase in appetite.



You should definitely consume cinnamon and powdered cinnamon while dieting. As a result of studies on cinnamon, it is revealed that cinnamon has a blood sugar balancing effect, especially in diabetics. If you are diabetic and on a diet, you can try to decorate your menus with 1 – ½ teaspoons of cinnamon a day to both feel full for longer and help balance your blood sugar.


You should definitely add protein sources that will increase your feeling of fullness and regulate your blood sugar in your main meals and snacks. Protein is one of the potential products that help increase the feeling of satiety. In studies, it has been observed that when overweight people take enough protein foods in their meals, there is a decrease in hunger hormone. Because protein helps to reduce appetite, you can make a delicious change in your diet by consuming it the way you like.

Also, getting protein isn’t just limited to chicken, eggs, and meat. You can also include products such as beans, buckwheat, pumpkin seeds from which you buy vegetable proteins in your meals or snacks.

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