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You Will Want to Be Afraid! 8 Benefits of Fear You Can’t Guess

Many of the people around the world have different phobias. Let’s face it, there are some very interesting phobias among them. As a matter of fact, phobias and fears affect life extremely negatively. For people with fears or phobias, psychologists now have a modern treatment in addition to psychotherapy. They use virtual reality to help people fight their anxiety. Although intense fear negatively affects life, a light dose of fear is actually very beneficial for health. We wrote about 8 benefits of fear that you could not imagine. Have a good read!

1. Fear Helps You Lose Weight

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When you feel a little scared, you will burn a little more calories than usual. As your heart rate increases, your body experiences a rush of adrenaline. Your metabolism is accelerated and the sugar and fat stored in this process are burned. In a study conducted at the University of Westminster in London, Shining or Exorcist It was determined that people who watched horror movies like, burned 113 calories while watching these movies. This amount is equivalent to a half hour walk.

2.Strengthens your immune system


In some research done by the University of Coventry in the UK, participants watched a horror movie. Then the researchers took blood samples from the people who watched the movie. The results were surprising. It has been determined that fear causes white blood cells to act. White blood cells are cells that help you fight disease and repair your body. The more white blood cells you have, the stronger your immune system is.

3.Fear is a powerful source of motivation

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When we are afraid, our bodies not only release adrenaline, but also other chemicals such as serotonin. These chemicals help our brain to work more efficiently. So fear is actually energy. It is even a source of motivation.

For example, if you are a runner and you follow the same route every day, you will quickly get used to it, but when you find a new place where you fear a little and really need to focus, your brain starts to think differently, reaching its maximum power. Our brain craves new challenges. For this reason, it is very important to keep our brain alive with things like puzzles.

4. Connects you to other people

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When you feel fear, oxytocin, a hormone that helps you build relationships with those around you, is released. We all have a survival instinct. This instinct pushes us to mate with other people to overcome danger. This situation is extremely primitive. However, to give an example, being snuggled with the person next to us while watching a horror movie can be an example to this.

5.Provides focus and concentration


Thinking about the future or something unknown frightens you. If you’re feeling a little anxious with adrenaline that puts us under stress, another hormone known as norepinephrine is released, helping you stay focused. This hormone enables clearer thinking under stress, so it is used in many antidepressants.

6.Fear helps you get out of trouble quickly

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When we cross a poorly lit street at night or hear footsteps right behind us, we don’t spend too much time thinking about our future actions; We try to walk faster and reach our safe goal earlier. Fear forces the brain to react immediately and find a solution instead of wasting time going through a detailed analysis of a situation.

7.Fear sometimes helps us make a positive change in your life.


Imagine seeing a doctor. If the doctor tells you that you need to reduce sugar or you can get diabetes, you will try to intervene in this situation and organize your life accordingly. Because you are afraid of being sick. So sometimes it’s good to be scared, it forces you to positive changes.

8.Allows you to realize your own potential and improve yourself


There is a psychological condition known as Cronos syndrome. This is when people fear someone else will take their place in any area of ​​their life, be it related to work, a relationship, or family. Psychologists claim that in reasonable doses this fear can help us improve in our lives, and without such fear most of us will feel a decline in our private or professional lives. When we are confident that no one will change us, we relax about what we have and start to get lazy in our relationships or work.

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